Who is Jupiter?


I am Jupiter. My slut and I made this video to introduce ourselves and give you a taste of our work.

I have a master’s degrees in creative writing and in math education. I’ve done everything from carpentry to cooking on tall ships. I was a full time at home mom for a years but this page isn’t about me. It’s about my Slut. She is the artist.

I asked my Slut if she’d talk a little about her background as an artist. She gave me the bird.

I asked my Slut what inspires her work. And she offered me a hand job.

I asked my Slut about her political views and feminist reclaiming of the word slut. She just smiled and started fingering her own ass.

Ah, so…

Here I am, trying to describe someone I’m only just coming to value. And who thinks very differently from me. But I can tell you without hesitation, of the two of us, my slut is the wiser woman.

She’d rather her work stand for itself and doesn’t give a fuck how I analyze or explain it. I am going to defer to the wisdom of my Slut and let her work speak for itself.

You will find everything from the most serious of safe sex spoof to bath time, with eggs. Enjoy!

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